How to Create a Landing Page in WordPress?

Before this narrative speaks about the construction of Landing Page, let us first give our readers a brief idea about what Landing Pages are. When we speak about Landing Pages on the website, it means that they are the medium through which a visitor goes to a page of your site using which he/she makes a successful entrance in your site for further work.

The Landing Pages in WordPress are aimed to be attractive and effective at the same time. This is because they are built to completely do the action for which they are built. The action here means the user should be able to perform the work using these pages. It could be clicking to see further information about anything, subscribing to Email letter of the site, performing the activity like sharing the content of the site and many more.

The purpose of Landing Pages is also to give visitors a clear view of the stuff and work they want to do when they enter your site. Without Landing Page, your visitor may just wonder how to go about performing the desired actions on your site.

There are several methods of creating Landing Pages in WordPress, The most popular ones are using plugins. In this write-up, along with best plugins for WordPress Landing Pages building and the process involved, we will also discuss some other ways to construct Landing Pages in WordPress.

1)    Why To Create Landing Pages In WordPress Using plugins?

Plugins are the easiest and fastest way of creating Landing Pages in WordPress. If you want to build them quickly without giving much attention to code optimization, then this method is correct for you.The thing to keep in mind here is that plugins have only basic features free of cost and if you want to have more features to increase creativity, then you have to shell out money to buy them. Some of the best plugins for WordPress are discussed below!

  • OptimizePress

The original version of this platform was the first one which came out as a tool to build Landing Pages for WordPress. Today, it has been enhanced by leaps and bounds. The features are attractive and are relevant as well. You are also offered a membership plugin here. The drag and drop editor is also here to make things easy for you. Some features that Optimize Press offers are, myriad amount of page templates, there are many choices for elements that could be added to your page, granular optimization, plugin and theme version and many more.

  • Braver Builder

Basically, it is meant for drag and drop method of page building but also has a capability of working as a landing page builder. This platform facilitates with building custom page layouts, many landing page templates, and other services. The catch at this platform is that you have to use their theme to eliminate header and footer to use full-width element. You can also build your own template and save it. Other attractive services that this platform includes are simple to use the visual editor, parallax scrolling backgrounds, ample scope for controlling visual module and many other services are offered by Beaver Builder.

  • Coming Soon Pro

The main reason to mention about this plugin is that it is not similar to the plugins that are present in this arena. It is a lot different but serves the purpose with finesse. It may surprise you to know that no type of editor is present in this plugin. It does not have any template as well. Wondering what purpose it serves then?  The basic work for this platform is to handle a single type of lead page and it does it in a complete manner. It has access controls, customizing options, allows clients to access through special links. The best work that this platform caters to is you can make a ‘coming soon’ page through this plugin and use it further to make it as a dedicated landing page. A bit different from other plugins but does serves the purpose.

  • Thrive Landing Pages

Thrive is a popular name in WordPress plugins arena for building alluring and relevant Landing Pages.  This platform facilitates you to construct high-quality conversion pages with an ease of putting only a single line of code into use. Many marketers and business owners give preference to this platform because it does not provide complicated steps of applying many codes and this makes the working process easier. It has nearly 160 templates to choose from for creating a landing page. This is massive and so the variety can let you create the most amazing type of landing page which works for your site. The high-quality features like split test and advanced performance analytics are also present in this platform which helps to give the finest quality to your landing page.

2)    Lead Page Hacking Methods

Before we begin to explain the ways and get you introduced how to make use of lead page hacking technique for your excellent landing page creation for WordPress, let us inform you that it is not anything illegal or wrong. Even the owners of lead pages are completely okay with the idea and you will not get into any kind of legal trouble by applying this idea to your WordPress landing page creation.

What actually happens is that lead page gives out a new template after a specific period of time as HTML, but these do not synchronize with WordPress. Therefore, you cannot easily begin working with them. There are steps to be followed to make them compatible with WordPress in order to put these templates into work. Below are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the template you like I your choice of lead page.
  • Download that template.
  • Get the archive and edit the name index.html file.
  • After editing the file, place this line at the very top.
  • Just after you do this, then change the path to each and every external file and add the path to the theme you are using.
  • Before closing ad the tag.
  • The last thing to do here is uploaded this template file to your FTP server into the theme folder you are using on the current basis.
  • These are the simplest ways to hack the lead page.

3)    Making A Landing Page Without Using  A Code or Plugins

Sometimes it becomes challenging to make a landing page by using codes. The relaxing news is that there is a possibility to not employ codes or plugins and yet be able to construct an excellent Landing Page for your WordPress. For this, the first and foremost thing to do is that you have to install ‘Kolakube skins’ on the Thesis framework. Therefore, this method is for the beginners to make landing page by using built-in design features that are already included in your skin. Below are the steps to follow:

  • Create a new page and select landing page option available under Marketers Delight options module.
  • Choose the required template from the drop-down on Page Attribution Module.
  • Add contents using shortcodes. (there are many inbuilt shortcodes that are present in Kolakube skins)
  • If you want to include shortcodes which are not available on Kolakube skins, you can download shortcode plugins and then opt for shortcodes of your choice.

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