What’s New in WordPress 4.9?

With the increased digitalization of everything, everyone is going online with their businesses. Not every businessman is a good coder so as to develop his own website; this is where the CMSs come into play. Out of all the CMSs WordPress has been seen to bag the largest market share. This is basically, due to the simplicity with which you can work on WordPress. The Excellent team of WordPress has a new gift for all of you. The new release of WordPress 4.9 has many new features and this article will make you familiar with all of them.

New Gallery Widget

Gallery widget is seen to be improving with every passing version. This allows you to set any native gallery to your sidebar or any other widget ready areas. It has limited functionality just like other native galleries. To get the better functionality you can go on and use third-party plugins from the store.

Download New Themes From The Customizer Itself

This time there is the addition of tools for the developers that also improves the user experience. By the better user experience, we mean that you can easily preview all the downloaded themes and apply what looks the best. If you do not like any of the themes then you can even download new themes from the customizer itself.

Add Media Button in Text Widget

The previous version of WordPress gave the text widget but if you had to insert a media file you still had to write the HTML code. This version has fixed the issues regarding this. You can now click on the add media button within the text widget to simply add the media file you wish to enclose.

Embed Support Outside Post Content

Till the last version, automatic embeds didn’t work other than post content. Now, Embed support will work in almost every section of your website. This is a great relief to the users of WordPress.

Save and Schedule Changes

This new version has changed the customizer to its best. Now you can check a theme and store it without actually applying this. You can even share it with anyone just by copying the URL and sending it. They easily are able to see the themes without even logging.

Shortcodes in Text Widgets Sidebar

Previously people were not able to include shortcodes in the text widgets. They had to explicitly do the task. This will not pose a problem from this version. WordPress 4.9 has solved the problem as it has enabled the users to include shortcodes in text widgets.

New Code Editing Experience in WordPress 4.9

WordPress allows you to include HTML/CSS codes at various places of your websites. Till this version, the editors were just simple and plain text boxes and didn’t look like an editor. With version 4.9 you get a good text editor with features like suggestions and also the property to autocomplete. This change will save your time of correcting various errors as it auto correct them.

The talented team of developers has come up with yet another version of WordPress. This is a change that has things to a more user-friendly level. With each new version, things are getting easier to work upon. The developers take full care that the features that they include help the users to do the required tasks with utmost ease. As earlier told, people not knowing much of the coding use CMS. The more user-friendly it becomes the better it will be to use it for them.

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